Long control arm upgrade kit suspension Pocket Style Clayton Off Road Lift 4-8 WJ


Long control arm upgrade kit suspension Pocket Style Clayton Off Road Lift 4-8 WJ

Longarm set voor Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004

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Durable long arms

Clayton Off Road Inc. long arm upgrade kits are perfect for anyone who has a lifted Jeep, and is looking for that next step. What the long arm upgrade kits are intended for is anyone with 4″ to 8″ of lift who wants to upgrade their current lift kit to a high quality long arm kit. The 3 piece cross member bolts into the oem location for alignment purposes, then welds on for strength. The center section is removable if your drivetrain needs to be serviced without having to remove any suspension components. Any long arm kit will provide better geometry by decreasing the angles on the lower arms. This greatly helps with ride quality. The length of the lower arms, also helps with flex and climbing ability off road.

Currie Johnny Joints and and Clevite bushing

At the frame ends they use Currie Johnny Joints which provide the flex everyone is looking for. Currie Narrow Johnny Joints offer 40 degrees of unrestricted movement in any direction as compared to 22 degrees on a common heim joint. Another advantages between a johnny joint and a heim joint are in the actual components they are built from. A heim joint has a metal spherical ball, usually a teflon sleave, and is encased in metal housing. This provides little if any shock absorption. A johnny joint is similar however that metal spherical ball is encased in a high density “tough 88” urethane that allows for some give. At the axle end they use a Clevite mechanically bonded bushing which is pressed into a custom machined sleeve.


  • Made in the USA
  • Extremely durable materials
  • Unique, the most durable on the market uniballsĀ Currie Johnny Joints
  • Ensures smooth and excellent on and off-road handling
  • Absolutely the best, most durable suspension available on the market
  • Lifetime warranty on control arms (bending and breaking)
  • Updated Pocket Style control arms mounts

In the box:

  • Front upper adjustable control arms
  • Front lower adjustable control arms
  • Rear upper adjustable control arms
  • Rear lower adjustable control arms
  • RearĀ 4 link bracket
  • Rear frame brackets
  • 3 piece front cross member
  • Unibody frame rails